Tumbler Screen For Dehydrated Vegetable
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Tumbler Screen For Dehydrated Vegetable

Stainless steel or mild steel
Diameter up to 2600 mm
Layer up to 5
Surface treatment:polishing,sandblast

  • CWYS1500
  • 240/380/415/440/460V
  • 120-360rpm
  • 15 months
  • bouncing ball,ultrasonic or pneumatic device
  • all kinds of powder,granule,pellet,bead
  • 4-500mesh
The movement of a tumbler screening machine is usually compared with simple hand  screening similar to the “gold washing pan”. Basic rotary motion is similar to hand screening .The eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, low speed V belt drive is adjustable from 120  to 360rpm.Each product’ dwell time can be adjusted in a radial and tangential angle ,towards the drive axis.Therefore, establishing the horizontal and throwing three dimensional rolling    movement, materials are evenly dispersed on the entire sieve surface from the center to the  outer edge, and thus spread towards the axis by spiral movement. Small particles are then   finished in the whole sieving process.The horizontal and vertical acceleration are increased with the movement of the particles, and then the particles which are close to mesh size will be successfully separated; The larger particles are transported to the exit, the flow can be  controlled by a regulated oriented device at the exit, the oriented device is another factor  which controls the dwell time of the materials.
*No vibration when working(best choice for fragile materials, such as salt,sugar,yeast,etc.)

*Capacity is about 4 times compared with S49-B series vibrating screen
*Price is much higher compared with S49-B series vibrating screen

*Diameter up to 2600mm
*Screening efficiency up to 96%
*Noise less than 70 dB
* Six level separation 


Chemical, food and spices, plastics, mining, medicine, wood and plywood, metallurgy,

rubber, fodder, fertilizer, sugar, salt, renewable industry

Model Diameter
Effective diameter (mm) Frequency
( m/min)
Layer Screen slops(°) Amplitude
CWYS600 Φ600 Φ580 200-280 1-5 0-10° 20-70 0.75
CWYS1000 Φ1000 Φ900 200-280 1-5 0-10° 20-70 1.5
CWYS1200 Φ1200 Φ1150 200-280 1-5 0-10° 20-70 2.2
CWYS1500 Φ1500 Φ1450 200-280 1-5 0-10° 20-70 3.0
CWYS1800 Φ1800 Φ1750 200-280 1-5 0-10° 20-70 4.0
CWYS2000 Φ2000 Φ1950 200-280 1-5 0-10° 20-70 4.0
CWYS2600 Φ2600 Φ2550 200-280 1-5 0-10° 20-70 5.5

Our machines have an automatic 12 months guarantee against faulty material and workmanship valid from the date of dispatch in China or date of arrival at foreign border.
If any problem of the machine under instruction within one year,we are responsible for replacement incuding delivery fee and maintenance.
Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year.

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