Stainless Steel Vacuum Conveyor
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Stainless Steel Vacuum Conveyor

GMP standard
Stainless steel 304 or Stainless steel 316L
Electrical type and Pneumatic type

  • CW3
  • Mirror polishing
  • Yes
  • Available
  • Yes
  • As per order
  • 0-20 meters
  • 0-5 meters
Brief Introduction & Working Principle
when compressed air enter into the vacuum pump, simultaneously under the push of air cylinder, the empty door of hopper will be closed and the vacuum will be formed in the hopper. The vacuum feeding machine forms air stream under vacuum state. Under the action of this air steam the material which is conveyed will be transported to vacuum hopper through hose. Certain time later (feeding time, adjustable), the compressed air is closed, the pneumatic vacuum pump is unable to produce vacuum, simultaneously under the push of air cylinder the emptying door of hopper will be opened and the vacuum will be disappeared in the vacuum feeder. The material will be fed into receiving equipment from the emptying door (for example tablet press, packing machine and so on), simultaneously, compressed air that stores up in air packet's blowback the filter, and the filter cleans by itself. Certain time late (discharging time, adjustable), the compressed air starts again. Move in cycles, the material is fed into the equipment continuously.
The machine is well designed and produced, consisted of vacuum pump (non-oil & non-water), stainless-steel-made product sucking mouth, feeding tube, cloth filter (or 316 stainless steel filter), vibration cleaner (or compressed air blower), vacuum product hopper and product level control system. There are some different between when machine combined with packaging machine, pellet pressing machine and mixing machine respectively.

*With high standard(GMP standard,sanitary grade and food grade)
*Made of nontoxic and corrosion resistant materials
*Materials are not adhering to the inner surface of conveyor
*Intelligent control and high automation
*Modular structure,easy to clean and dismantle.
*Low noise and non-vibration
*More flexible to connect with packaging machine,mixers,crusher,mills,etc.
*Lower price compared with screw conveyors
*Good choice for powder,small pellet and fragile materials
*Low energy consumption

Parameter of Electrical vacuum conveyor

Model Silo capacity Capacity
Air Consumption Feed tube diameter(mm)
CW-1 3.5L 350 0.4-0.6 180 L/min Φ38
CW-2 6.0L 700 0.4-0.6 360 L/min Φ38
CW-3 12L 1500 0.4-0.6 720 L/min Φ51
CW-4 42L 3000 0.4-0.6 1440 L/min Φ51
CW-5 58L 6000 0.6 2880 L/min Φ51
CW-6 96L 9000 0.6 4320 L/min Φ63

Parameter of Pneumatic vacuum conveyor

Model Motor Power
Feed tube diameter(mm)
CW-1 1.5 400 0.6 Φ220*820 Φ38
CW-2 2.2 600 0.6 Φ220*820 Φ38
CW-3 3.0 1200 0.6 Φ220*820 Φ51
CW-4 5.5 2000 0.6 Φ420*1250 Φ51
CW-5 4.0 3000 0.6 Φ420*1350 Φ51
CW-6 5.5 4000 0.6 Φ420*1450 Φ63
CW-7 7.5 6000 0.6 Φ420*1650 Φ76
CW-10-6 7.5 6000 0.6 Φ600*1550 Φ76
CW-20-5 11.0 5000 0.6 Φ800*1900 Φ76

Note: The Capacity based on Wheat Flour as raw material with 4 meters horizontal distance.
Our machines have an automatic 12 months guarantee against faulty material and workmanship valid from the date of dispatch in China or date of arrival at foreign border.
If any problem of the machine under instruction within one year,we are responsible for replacement incuding delivery fee and maintenance.
Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year.

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