Hydro Extractor
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Hydro Extractor

Stainless steel 304
3 legs or 4 legs design

  • CWHE1200
  • 240V/380V/440v/460V
  • polishing
  • 300-1600mm
Hydro extractors consist of lid,outer drum,inner basket,filter bag,braking system,vibration damper,motor, the base and casting steel legs.This machines are used in textile processing industry,spinning fabric,printing,clothing,hotel,hospital,chemical etc. 
The wet material is placed in the extractor, which has a wall of stainless steel perforated plate.the internal basket rotates at high speed thus throwing out the water contained in it. The use of hydro extractor significantly reduces the energy required to dry any wet material. Hydro Extractors usually work on centrifugal force creating a high gravitational force enhancing water extraction.

1. With 3-legs or four-legs suspension structure, the machine has good anti-vibration efficiency.
2. Reasonable design and overload protector to protect the motor.
3. After being balance correction, the stainless steel drum is safe and durable.
4. Safety and efficiency
5. All the contact parts can be made in stainless steel.
6. Brake device can make the machine stop in short time

Model Basket DIA
Rotate speed
Power(Kw) Dimensions
( kg)
CWHE300 300 10KG 2820 1.5 900*500*650 300
CWHE600 600 80KG 1500 5.5 1300*750*760 1100
CWHE800 800 150KG 1200 11 1800*1200*1140 1500
CWHE1000 1000 250KG 1000 15 2050*1500*1200 2500
CWHE1200 1200 450KG 950 18.5 2350*1700*1350 3000
CWHE1500 1500 700KG 850 30 2550*1950*1400 5000
CWHE1600 1600 850KG 800 37 3050*2300*1750 7300

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