Animal Feed Production Line
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Animal Feed Production Line

Alloy steel contact part and mild steel structure
Yellow,white, etc
Warranty:12 months

  • CWLH350
  • 0.5-20 tons per hour
  • 1.5mm-8mm

The production line consist of the hopper, pre-cleaning system, permanent magnet tank, hammer mill, mixer, pellet mill, cooling system, screening machine, packing machine, electric control cabinet and other related equipment.The feed pellet production line can be used for animal feed such as chicken, pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, duck, horse and others


(1). Crushing Process

When the thickness of the raw material is big ,the raw materials must first be used for size reduction before the feedstock is sent to the hammer mill (crusher) to reach a diameter of less than 3 mm.

(2). Mixing Process
a.The feed mixer equality of mixing cv<=7 percent.
b.Two open doors structure,discharge rapidly,no leakage,no residue.Multiform liquid adding system and can be matched with compressed air jetting system Suitable for mixing premix,poultry feed,aquatic feed,additives and chemical and medicine industries,etc.

(3). Pelletizing Process
The lubrication system for feed pellet machine adopts a tracing and inspection system controlled by a microcomputer.When the temperature of the bearings exceeds normal temperatures,the microcomputer will start the auto lubrication system for lubrication,thereby conveniently ensuring smooth functioning of the rollers.The lubrication system is comprised of a tracing and inspection system controlled by a microcomputer.There is also the option to lubricate by hand.

(4). Cooling Process
After the pelletizing process,the temperature of the feed pellet is about 60/80 degrees Celsius,with a moisture content of about 15%.A Cooler must then be used to reduce the moisture content of the wood pellets to about 3/4%,thereby making the pellets easier to store.

(5). Packing Process
Generally,most clients require a small scale with the auto sealing packing machine and a scale for higher weight ranges for the semi auto packing machine.For the first,the weight range is 15/50 kg per bag,and for the second,it is 800 or 1000 kg,modified per clients’ needs.<o:p>


1.It is widely used to make pellets,raw material can be soybean straw, corn stalks,cotton stalk, sorghum, peanut vine,  rape straw,sunflower stalk, rice husk, grass, shrubs etc.
2.High-quality alloy steel ring mold, long life and smooth out the grain, high quality.
3.To meet different outputs requirements,Feeder has a variable speed controller. it can adjust the feeding speed.
4.Stainless steel door and chute with scale line stretching cutter, the cutter easy to adjust, and reliable
5.Pellet  machine is a key equipment for producing pellet feed, with high output,good  performance,low energy consumption,low noise and beautiful appearance characters.
6.The feeding system adopts stepless speed changing motor control, adjust speed  conveniently and reliably when making pellet powder feed.
Model CWLH250 CWLH304 CWLH320 CWLH350 CWLH400 CWLH420 CWLH508
(T/H )
0.5-1.5 1-2 2-4 3-7 7-10 10-14 15-20
Power (kw) 22 30 37 55 75/90 90/110 110/132/160
Screw feeder
power (kw)
0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.5 1.5 2.2
power (kw)
2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 5.5 5.5 11
Die Inner
250 304 320 350 400 420 508
Pellet size 1.5-8mm

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